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Escort ella +971505967518


Abu Dhabi
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A prostitute ella +971505967518
PhonePhone: +(50) 596-75-18 l
1 H: 800 AED 2 H: - AED 3 H: - AED 12 H: - AED 24 H: - AED

Personal Data

  • Base City: Abu Dhabi, Emirates
  • Age: 23
  • Growth : 166 cm
  • Weight : 48 kg
  • Chest : 5
  • Hair : Black
  • Eyes : Black
  • Intimate haircut : Full waxing
  • Size clothing : 6
  • Address: Abu Dhabi
  • Since: 09.08.2018

About ella +971505967518 Escort

+97150-5967518 I would like to enjoy serving you as the youngest and youngest lady on this site. The sex I have experienced with my boyfriends has made me completely faint and I wanted to enjoy having sex in the hotbed of elite and mature men after that. Between my narrow and hot hips will be the time to live with me, the warmest and most desirous of time passing through the mind. I know all the hot roads of arbitrary knowing very well, and I say that my touches and delightful hips will be as pleasant as you will get from your head. I like to have fun and enjoy being accompanied by you in the night worlds. with tight hips with fit body measurements.


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ella +971505967518: (50)5967518 ella +971505967518: (50)5967518 ella +971505967518: (50)5967518

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